2021-2023 World Test Championship: India will host Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia; Tour England, South Africa, Bangladesh | Cricket News

India will once again not play Pakistan in the second round of the World Test Championship, lining up three away tours over the next two years with the England series next month. As a rule, each of the nine nations on the World Test Championship calendar plays against six selected nations and in the 2021-2023 cycle, India will play in Sri Lanka, replacing the West Indies, and played in the 2019 Opening Edition. . As the WTC campaign in India begins on August 4 in the five test series against England, they will also travel to South Africa from December 2021 to January 2022 and an away series against Bangladesh in November 2022.

The biggest series will be four Australian test marquees outside the England non-England test at home in September and early November next year.

India will host New Zealand in November this year in two test matches and Sri Lanka will take place from February to March 2022 after a tour of South Africa.

The ICC on Wednesday officially confirmed that the teams will be standardized by 12 points for victory, with four draws and six draws in the second round. The ICC also said that the percentage of points earned will be used to determine the ranking.

Previously, each Test series had a value of 120 points, which led to a certain difference in the table, as the team that won a Test in a two-game series scored 60 points compared to a five-game series. points.

The PTI announced last month that the ICC would implement a standardized point system for the second cycle of the WTC. Acting ICC chief Geoff Allardice said the changes were made to simplify the points system when taking studies on last year’s disruption.

“We received the opinion that the previous points system should be simplified. The Cricket Committee took this into account when proposing a new standardized points system for each game,” Allardic said in a statement.

“During the pandemic we had to change the ranking of team scores using the percentage of points available to each team, as all series could not be completed.

“This helped us determine the finalists and we were able to complete the tournament within the allotted time. This method allowed us to compare the relative performance the teams had at any given time, regardless of how many games they played.”

Apart from the India-England series, this year Ashes will be the only other five second round match to end in June 2023. This year’s Australian tour of India is the only four test series in the upcoming cycle. .

Indian captain Virat Kohli, who won the inaugural WTC final against New Zealand, hopes to reunite his team with “new energy” in the new cycle.

“It was great to have played in the final of the ICC World Test Championship against New Zealand in this memorable competition. Apart from the final, we saw the decision of the players in the first edition of the tournament,” Kohli said.

“It was also great to see the follow-up of cricket lovers, and I’m sure they’ll all be looking forward to the second edition. We’ll be meeting with new energy starting with the series against England for the next cycle.”

Former New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson has received interest in the traditional format of the game from the people who received the WTC.

“There is no doubt that the WTC has added more context and given new meaning to Test Cricket and it has been tremendous to see the interest that has arisen around India in the Final,” they said.

“We know that trying to defend the title will be a huge challenge, but our focus will be that we can prepare for Tours in the future and try to maintain our level of performance.”

England captain Joe Root described the five-match duel against India as “five interesting challenges”.


“We are starting our campaign in the second edition of the ICC World Test Championship against the finalists of the last season, and that is an interesting challenge immediately,” they said.

“India is a very good aspect and it would be good to test them in our home conditions. We missed the standings last time and we want to do better this time.”

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