2021 Copa America: Neymar inspires Brazil in quarter-finals after Peru Cruise Football news

2021 Copa America: Neymar inspires Brazil in quarter-finals after Peru Cruise Football news

A tearful tear from Neymar has taken the Brazilian host to a 4-0 win over Peru in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday to become the first team to qualify for the Copa America qualifiers. Goals from Alex Sandro, Neymar, Everton Ribeiro and Richarlison gave them their ninth consecutive win and six perfect points for the starters as they fell down from Peru in two Group B matches. There was little to nothing between the two halves in the first half, but the higher quality of Brazil made the difference after the break as Talisman Neymar pushed for a comfortable victory.

“It’s moving for me because a lot of things have happened that have been difficult in the last two years, difficult,” Neymar said as Tears welled up.

He lost the Copa del Rey victory in Brazil two years ago due to an injury to his home ground, although he was accused of rape before the start of the tournament, a case that was dismissed for lack of evidence.

His 68th goal in 107 games in his home country brought the great Brazilian Pele from the record to nine.

“It’s an honor for me to be a part of the history of the Brazilian national team. In fact, my dream was always to play for Selecao, to wear this jersey. I never imagined getting those numbers.”

It took Brazil 10 minutes to make the shot, and when they did that they could hardly throw a bottle of defensive midfielder Fred.

A minute later he was in front of Selecao, Everton’s cross from the left came out of Peru’s head and Gabriel at Jesus’ feet hit the back post. Manchester City striker Alex Sandro came home unmarked six meters from the fire.

Fabinho was next to test his vision, but he came out of the unit from 25 yards out.

It was a terrible account, Peru had more possession but the two sides did not threaten again, until the break Alex Sandro shot from the edge of the area.

Brazil had incidents

After the break, Brazil continued to create better chances as right-back Danilo managed to shoot a half volley from the edge of the area.

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Brazil thought they had a penalty on the scoreboard when Neymar fell into the box under pressure from Renato Tapia, but Paris Saint-Germain star was waiting to kick the point, Argentine referee Patricio Loustau went for control of the pitch and reversed the decision.

Neymar didn’t have a chance. 68 minutes into the match, Peru broke through on the right, upping the score for FC to 0 – 5, much to the home crowd’s dismay.

The hosts started to play freely and substitute Richarlison made a good exception for Gallese after Neymar set it up as he then threw the shot wide.

Peru had to score again in the 12th minute, but Luis Abram and Alex Valera both managed to lose an open goal from inside the six-meter area.

Neymar and substitute Roberto Firmino had chances to end the victory, but the third goal came just a minute later as Richarlison completed another substitute on the pitch at Everton Ribeiro six yards out.

Richarlison scored the goal he deserved in stoppage time.


Venezuela kept up the pressure in their broken derby against Colombia to secure their first point in the Copa del Rey, after a 0-0 draw in Goiania.


Goalkeeper Wuilker Farinez made some beautiful goalkeepers, especially in the final phase, to keep the Colombians out, as they saw the late Miguel Borja goal be out of play. Colombia also finished the match with 10 men after sending Luis Diaz deep into injury time.

Colombia finished the match against 23 shots – none of them – from Venezuela, but the “Red Wine” got the much-needed point. Venezuela was still very exhausted with the team that had Covid Outbreak at its camp, removing eight players from the team when the team won 3-0 against Brazil on Sunday.

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