Aamir Khan once became a crazy fan of Sourav Ganguly and was not even allowed to enter his house.

When Aamir Khan Saurav Ganguly was evicted from Kolkata House (Pic Credit: Facebook / Official Sourav Ganguly, Wikipedia)

Superstar Aamir Khan, affectionately known as Mr Perfectionist of Bollywood, is known for his unique way of promoting his films. Often, he manages to play the right chords of the audience with his unique strategies. However, once his joke failed and the result could not be lost.

In 2009, he was promoting the film Superstar 3 Idiots under the direction of Rajkummar Hirani. As part of his promotion, he disguised himself as a sports fan in a black T-shirt and jeans with a wig and tried on glasses at the home of Indian cricketer Sourav Ganguly. But it didn’t work out the way it wanted.

Aamir Khan also tried to speak with a Bengali accent as a fan to be Authentic. He then walked the streets asking Sourav Ganguly on his way home. Surprisingly, no one knew him in disguise. So, at last, Dada arrived home and expressed her desire to take pictures with the guards at the entrance. They took the other Ganguly fan crazy, didn’t even let the actor get inside the door and told him that the cricketer had been away and wouldn’t be back soon.

The video of Aamir Khan’s jokes was shared on social media and went viral. The fans could not believe their eyes as they were prevented from entering Sourav’s house. In another video, Aamir Sourav was seen inside Ganguly’s Kolkata house while the latter was having an interview with Kiran Rao.

They watched as Aamir’s joke failed to discuss. When Sourav told his wife Dona about Aamir’s failed joke, they couldn’t help but laugh. Watch the two videos below:

Aamir Khan later gifted Sourav Ganguly in the ring as a token of a new friendship. He also invited 3 Idiots to the Premiere.

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