Actor Nyay The Justice, Zuber K Khan, has said that Sushant Singh is not a biographical film about Rajput, but ‘a tribute’

Actor Nyay The Justice, Zuber K Khan, has said that Sushant Singh is not a biographical film about Rajput, but ‘a tribute’

Delhi High Court on Thursday denied ‘release’Nyay: Justice‘, allegedly based on the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The claim was filed by the actor’s father, KK Singh, who requested a stay in several films that were being made at his death. Singh said in his request that the films were “taking advantage of the situation” and “trying to seize that opportunity for other reasons.”

Accepting the verdict of the film’s favorite, lead actor Zuber K Khan said that the audience is waiting to see the film. The trailer for Nyay: The Justice was released on Friday, just days before the actor’s first death anniversary. While starring veterans like Asrani, Shakti Kapoor and Sudha Chandran, it seemed like a poor job, with the worst media coverage that found a place after Sushant’s death.

In an exclusive interview with, however, Zuber was hurt that the film is not a biopic of Sushant, but a story inspired by his life. The actor added that this is the case and that it has been miserable since the film was released, as this project is considered a tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput.

“It was very disappointing for me, I even cried a couple of times. There was so much reaction but I want to tell people that I was their fan. And that was the way to pay homage to the actor. There is no personal agenda for me or anyone to make this film. I was worried about all that and now that the film has received the green light, I can’t wait for people to see the film, ”Zuber added.

Actress Naagin shared that she knew Sushant Singh Rajput many years ago, and they also trained together. “He was the one who taught me martial arts. I was pretty close, but when they moved out of there, we lost touch with the years, “Zuber said, adding that the actor’s death was devastating.” I could do it. I think I showed this film with me. I don’t even copy it, but my acting I used it to pay my respects, ”he added.

Zuber Khan shared that Sushant’s manager’s lawyer Nyay: The Justice had produced it and thus believed that they would not try to paint a negative shadow. “I took the time to say yes because I didn’t want to project anything bad or negative. Although the film is very close to reality, it is inspired by his life and not based on a single discussion. This man’s journey from being an outsider to fame as a TV actor and then becoming a star “There is not much revelation as the audience already knows about this story, it is all in the public domain.”

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The actor shared that the filming of the film was a difficult time for him and would often be broken. “Being an actor I could relate to travel and emotions. Be it Sushant or Mahendra Singh in the movie and even me, we’ve all seen our Highs and Lows and recovering on screen was a big challenge. I would pick up the clue while giving the interview a mouthful. And the scene of death definitely shook me, ”he added.

“We are not trying to make a statement, the law is for that. As for our film, it is a commercial and entertaining film, romanticism, emotion and even song and dance. I would ask them to see it before judging. We have all done a great job in that,” he added. .

In a final note, the actor said that while the group wants to release the film in theaters, if it is closed, they can have a digital premiere.


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