Aditya Narayan, 8, talks about her future as a singer in the back video.  Fans call it ‘pure gold’

Aditya Narayan, 8, talks about her future as a singer in the back video. Fans call it ‘pure gold’

Udit Narayan singer Aditya Narayan’s son was a star when he was 8 years old. At the age of 8, the singer-songwriter “Chhota Baccha Jaan Ke” released Masoom, a song titled Rangeela. including Shah Rukh Khan’s Pardes and Salman Khan’s Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai. But even then he knew he had a long way to go in filmmaking.

On Tuesday, an 8-year-old video of Aditya surfaced on social media platforms, which is receiving a lot of love from her fans.

It looks like the video is from an interview Adity did after Rangeela and Masoom. In the video, they ask him successfully and his answer is: “Kuch Nahi hai ye toh. Mujhe bohot Bada singer banna hai. Bohot Lambi level Fri Jaana hai. Abhi toh 5% Hua hai samjho. (This is nothing. Want to become a great singer I have to achieve very big goals. That’s 5% of that). “

Asked if he feels like he has become a star? “Gisa!” replied Adity. Many of his fans mentioned that the 33-year-old singer has not changed at all. “It remains the same,” one of the fans said in the comments section. “All the expressions and bold haath ki as well as sentences are the same copy of Udit Narayan,” another Instagram user wrote.

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One of Aditya’s biggest fans said the video is “pure gold”. After starring as a child, Adity made her debut with the horror film Shaapit. However, his career as an actor did not really turn out as expected.

Aditya is currently seen organizing the 12th Indian Idol singing reality session. Recently, the show was immersed in discussion after Amit Kumar called the show for the quality of the song.

Kumar said, “I really wanted to stop the episode,” and added that he asked all competitors to praise him, regardless of how they play. Responding to Kumar’s statement, Adity defended the session and told ETimes: “We can’t please everyone and we don’t like all goals. It’s an impossible mission. We don’t make a TV series for social media. Our content is aimed at people who watch TV. We always put it our best foot and things happen along the way I think we should respect everyone’s opinion, but focus on giving a good show and by the way Kishore Kumar episode was very well appreciated.Be careful, we are not competing with Kishore Kumar.We are celebrating Kishore Kumar.No have you seen people singing Kishore Kumar songs at a music festival? So that’s it. “


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