After Delhi, Maharashtra allows you to try it from home to get a student driving license

After Delhi, Maharashtra allows you to try it from home to get a student driving license

The Maharashtra government has given a direction to the 50 State Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) to allow people to obtain a student’s driving license while sitting at the test from home. Applicants will need to test Aadhaar verification numbers in order to take the test.

Applicants are advised to watch some online videos on road safety to gain some basic knowledge in order to pass the student test. To pass the test, the applicant must answer at least 60 percent of the questions. After clearing the test, he can print the student license on his own.

Those who do not prefer to use the Aadhaar authentication system for testing can follow the existing process to obtain a student license.

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In another important directive, the state government has allowed vendors to register vehicles that are not for transportation without physically moving them to RTOs. The Maharashtra Department of Transportation issues around 20 lakh licenses and registers the same number of cars and bicycles in the non-transport category every year. “The National Information Center (NIC) made the necessary changes to the Vahan 4.0 and Sarathi 4.0 systems to register vehicles and issue driving licenses across the country,” an official told PTI.

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The new state directives will reduce violations in RTOs and reduce the burden on workers, while saving citizens time and money, the official added.

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The central government announced in March this year a notification on the use of Aadhaar-based authentication for 18 different services, such as obtaining a learning license, issuing a registration certificate to fully built vehicles, among others.

The Delhi government is also working to issue a student driver’s license online through home testing facilities. However, the project is likely to be completed within a month, the Hindustan Times reported. To obtain a six-month electronic student license, applicants must register on the Department of Transportation’s website. They will then be required to complete a standard online tutorial and then test it, including one to check for color blindness.

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