After Jazzy Bk blocked his Twitter account: I will always stand up for the rights of my people

After Jazzy Bk blocked his Twitter account: I will always stand up for the rights of my people

After Jazzy Bk blocked his Twitter account: I will always stand up for the rights of my people

Punjabi singer Jazzy B, who has been a prominent voice in the ongoing farmers ’protest, said he will continue to express his solidarity with people fighting for his rights as Twitter has“ saved ”his account in response to India’s legal demand. According to information from Lumen’s database, Twitter received a legal request from the Indian government on June 6 about four accounts, including that of hip-hop artist Jazzy B and L-Fresh the Lion.

The 46-year-old singer took to Instagram on Monday evening and posted a screen on a shared Twitter account, saying her profile was blocked, “victims for raising their voices in support of farmers’ rights and demanding justice for 1984.”

The riots against Sikh in 1984, following the assassination of then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, killed 2,733 lives in Delhi alone.

“I will always stand up for the rights of my people. #KisanMajdoorIktaZindabad #NeverForget 1984, #RaiseYourVoice,” Jazzy B wrote on Instagram.

The singer shared another message, where he wrote, “Waheguru ji! I’m not afraid of physical death, but when my consciousness dies that’s the real death # neverforget1984 #kisanmajdooriktazindabad.”

Users who check Jazzy B’s Twitter account are shown a message “India account has been withheld in response to a legal request”.

The singer has been on the front lines of the Peasants ’Protest, as she tweets in favor of the unrest. Earlier this year, he also played at the ‘Artists for Farmers’ concert on the Tikri border, where farmers are protesting the repeal of the new farm laws.

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The protest song “Teer Punjab Ton” has 20 lakh views on YouTube. A spokesperson for Twitter said that when he receives a legal request, he reviews it in accordance with Twitter’s rules and local law.

Twitter has also taken into account four measures that include hip-hop artist L-Fresh the Lion. Accounts are “geo-restricted,” meaning people outside of India can still access accounts.

Contacted by a Twitter spokesperson, he said that when he receives a valid legal application, he is reviewing the Twitter Rules and local legislation.

“If the content violates the Twitter Rules, the content will be removed from the service. If it is determined to be illegal in a particular jurisdiction, but if we do not violate the Twitter Rules, we may only allow access to the content in India,” the spokesman added.

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The spokesperson stated that in all cases, he informs the account holder directly so that they know that the company has received a legal order regarding the account.

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