After Mumbai, more cities began to mark the price of gasoline in the century

After Mumbai, more cities began to mark the price of gasoline in the century

Mumbai diesel prices have already crossed 100 liter mark. Now it seems that other cities across the country are heading into the century. On Sunday the price of diesel and diesel rose again after a break. On Sunday, diesel and diesel prices rose by 27 countries and 31 countries across the country.

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With the final increase in every liter of petrol and diesel in Delhi 95.03 and 85.95 respectively. With this constant rise in fuel prices, gasoline prices per liter were converted in cities like Bhopal and Jaipur 103.17 and 101.59 respectively.

Sri Ganganagar district of Rajasthan recorded the highest price per liter of gasoline on Sunday 105.33. He is trading in diesel 98.20 liters on Sunday in the district.

Among metro cities, the price of Mumbai gasoline is the highest. One liter of gasoline and diesel is being sold in the Indian business capital 101.25 and 93.30 respectively. The price of oil is in Bengaluru While 98.20 liters of diesel per liter are sold 91.12.

Today, diesel and diesel prices have risen 23 times in less than six weeks
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The cost of gasoline is Chennain 96.47 per liter, while diesel is available 90.66. Kolkatan is selling a liter of petrol and diesel 95.02 and 88.80 respectively. It was the third price increase this month.

Fuel prices have been steadily rising in recent weeks due to fluctuations in international crude oil prices. However, the biggest influencing factor is the high tax rate imposed by central and state governments, say oil marketing companies.

Special taxes and freight costs imposed by the central government, together with VAT imposed by the state governments, contribute 60% of the retail price of petrol and 54% of diesel.


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