Airtel announces new benefits for its low-income subscribers

Airtel announces new benefits for its low-income subscribers

On Sunday, Airtel announced special benefits to its low-income customers in its network. These benefits are worth it SEK 270 is designed to help users stay connected during an ongoing pandemic.

Airtel said it would give 49 pack for eligible customers for free as a one-time gesture. The package includes talk time 38 and 100 MB of data, valid for 28 days. The system benefits approximately 55 million low-paid Airtel customers.

Airtel has also stated that it offers a double benefit to the chosen download plan.

“Currently, customers have an increased requirement to stay connected. Keep this in mind that Airtel customers pay prepayments 79 Download coupon now receives a double benefit. This makes it easier for them to keep in touch during difficult times, ”the company said in a press release.

These benefits will be available to Airtel customers next week.

Airtel had announced similar benefits to its low-wage customers last year due to a pandemic and lockouts. These benefits included the extension of the advance and 10 credit among others.

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Separately, Airtel has deployed a number of resources to help users. The company has also added two new subsections to the Explore section of Airtel Thanks.

The first lower part is called ‘Covid SoS’. This section provides established and updated links to supplies such as medicines, oxygen, plasma donors, ambulances, hospital beds, and testing centers.

The second part, called Cowin, allows users to find a place at the vaccination center and book for themselves, friends and family.


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