Akshay Kumar lashed out at critics for questioning whether he had won his national award: “Take it back if you like it.”

Akshay Kumar lashed out at critics for questioning whether he had won his national award: “Take it back if you like it.”

Akshay Kumar won her first national film award for Rustom in 2017 (photo: IMDb)

Akshay Kumar’s Bollywood career spans many decades and over the years the actor has only multiplied his hobby. After winning all the possible awards in India, in 2017 the actor won the National Film Award for Best Actor in Rustom. While Celebrations were called for him it took the actor 26 years to win, not everyone was really happy with Victory.

For the uninitiated, the jury of filmmaker Priyadarshan won the title of Best Actor Akshay Kumar in 2017 for the film Rustom. Then the audience aroused doubt, and the internet asked if it was really worth the award with this film? The discussion was so heated that it also got Kumar’s own reaction, which went against Criticism. Below you will find what you need to know and what Akshay has to say.

Asked about the entire queue at an event, Akshay Kumar was pleased with the uproar over the victory. Every time someone wins he points out how that discussion arises. They said they could take it back even if they wanted to. According to the Hindustan Times, he said: “I’ve heard for the last 25 years that every time someone wins there is a discussion around. This is not new. Someone or the other always creates controversy.” They shouldn’t win, other people should win “Okay. I’ve won that after 26 years, ‘agar woh bhi Aapka mann kare toh le lo’ (if you feel like it).”

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Meanwhile, in the same week, Akshay Kumar made this statement at the National Awards for filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma. Taking the example of Aamir Khan, he tweeted, “It doesn’t matter if an Indian awards committee measures National (Film Awards). Aamir Khan, India’s greatest filmmaker doesn’t attend awards including the National Award, talks about these events. Top quality films Aamir they are made, and it doesn’t matter if they are measured by an Indian awards committee, because the National speaks out loud. ”

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