Akshay Kumarren Bell Bottom Now 3Dn; August 15th to be the Last Departure Date? Fresh Details Out!

Akshay Kumarren Bell Bottom Now 3Dn; August 15th to be the Last Departure Date? (Pic Credit: Movie Still)

It’s been more than nine months since we elegantly cut, Pacy’s music with Akshay Kumar’s 30-second teaser for Bell Bottom. There have been reports and rumors surrounding the release date since then. Recently, Khiladi Kumar released every report that premiered the film’s play on July 27th.

With 11 days to go before the decision was made, no Bell Bottom promotions / songs have appeared. It is understandable that the makers will have to look forward to another release date, as cinemas in the major regions that are winning are not yet operating.

But, the latest news coming out will give peace of mind to all Akshay Kumar fans. It seems that managers are taking advantage of the delayed time to improve the final product. According to recent reports, the Bell Bottom team is remodeling the film to make it the perfect fit for a big-screen 3D premiere.

Since the story is set in the 80s, the makers want the audience to have an immersive experience to witness the times of that era. According to a report published in Pinkville, “Akshay Kumar, Bhagnani, Ranjit Tewari and the entire Bell Bottom team felt the need to live a theatrical experience for the audience by bringing scaled espionage in 3D. They started interviews with a lot of actors, and the whole film is being prepared as a 3D big screen animator. ”

He adds: “From the visuals to the background point, everything is being organized into a big-screen experience to re-attract the audience. The post-production and sound design team is working with Dolby Sound for 3D for Theater Support.”

“The group is hoping that cinemas will open across the country for the release of Fast and Furious 9 on August 5. All assets are emerging – from promo music to Independence Day window. One will get accurate clarity from the Maharashtra state government and other key markets again when they make an announcement about the opening, ”the report concluded.

Fans of Akshay Kumar, do you find this interesting for Bell Bottom? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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