Ali Fazal cancels “excellent” proposal to Richa Chadha for a romantic surprise in the Maldives

Ali Fazal cancels “excellent” proposal to Richa Chadha for a romantic surprise in the Maldives

Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha from Bollywood were ready to marry last year, but Covid19 thwarted the plans. The couple has been working for a long time and is ready to take their relationship to the next level. Although there is time for a big wedding, they have moved in together according to the original plans. Speaking to Cosmopolitan India, Ali Fazal got a candidacy for the proposal he made to Richa Chadha. He revealed that he had planned a huge surprise with a helicopter and that many people would see him. But at that moment, he was abandoned and offered his love in a romantic setting in the Maldives.

Ali Fazal said: “I planned something great. I remember we took a three-day break, and we went to the Maldives and planned to come back and ask to marry me. It was a crazy helicopter. Things were flying in the air, and probably a hundred people would see it. So I was a little nervous. “

“But when we were in the Maldives, I arranged an unexpected dinner for her birthday … she was on an island and we were in the middle of the ocean, so it was very romantic. It’s weird because that’s the thing I used to make fun of my friends.I’d say that only happens in movies But then I said, ‘Fuck!’ and I went ahead with something simple. I thought it was nice, “he added.

Earlier, Richa Chadha revealed plans for a wedding that have changed to 2021. He said: “It is therefore pragmatic to encourage marriage next year in the interest of all who wish to attend.” Ali Fazal added: “Let’s see when we are able to accept the new normal, then we will decide on a date, maybe early next year.”

Richak and Ali’s celebrations would take place in three cities: Delhi, Lucknow and Mumbai. Asked if they would stick to the original plan, Ali said: “This plan was conceived only so that relatives would not have to travel. We wanted to deal with each side in their own city.”

The two actors who worked together on the film “Fukrey” have been together for more than four years. They filed for marriage registration in February 2020 in Mumbai court.


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