Aly Goni was furious, leaving Twitter after Troll abused his sister and Jasmin Bhasin: “This is hell …”

Aly Goni furiously leaves Twitter after Troll abused his sister and Jasmin Bhasin: “Hell With This …” (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Aly Goni has been spreading great love since they came out of the show. Fans are more than excited every time they see Jasmin Bhasin with his girlfriend. The duo recently went on holiday to Goan with the actor’s sister. The trolls have left her furious after abusing her sister. Read on for more details.

As most people know, Jasmine celebrated her 31st birthday on June 28th. On a special occasion, Aly traveled to Goara with her sister and her husband. Actress Naagin also shared many of her photos below on her social media account.

It seems that there are some trolls who have mercilessly directed Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni’s sister Ilham Goni. Seeing all this, Aly went very crazy and threatened her hatred for not playing her family. The actor who quit smoking announced a hiatus on Twitter.

Aly Goni wrote this tweet: “I saw accounts of my sister being abused and saying negative things. I don’t see things .. but I can’t ignore this. Bloody you don’t dare drag my family here … Very angry I’m right now I can delete my account … with this damn thing “.

In another tweet, Bigg Boss 14 contestant shared the following: “I’m going to Twitter for a while” great love to my people. calm “.

Jasmin Bhasin also reacted to the whole issue. The actor tweeted, “I don’t blame anyone or misunderstand anyone. You just have to ask everyone to be optimistic and calm. When we don’t respond to toxicity, he dies. If you love me you will spread love, just love.”

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