An electric Wrangler that can drive underwater?  Jeep ready to run wet and wild

An electric Wrangler that can drive underwater? Jeep ready to run wet and wild

Off-roaders are also known for going where there is no proper road, but can you imagine imagining an off-roader driving underwater? Well, Jeep can imagine that. In a video posted for Stellantis EV Day, Jeep has taken a leap into the future by showcasing various concepts and features in development.

At the end of the two-minute video, a Wrangler 4xe is seen diving underwater and moving forward as a giant fish crosses its path. The text at the bottom of the scene reads, “Fictionalization. Don’t try.” The video presents it as something that would be available by 2030. But, can that be true? However, an underwater Jeep would need an engineering breakthrough to continue driving underwater. Only time will tell.


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Volvo V90 cross-country (HT Auto photo)

Mercedes-Benz C-Class-Cabriolet (HT Auto Photo)

Celebrating its 80th anniversary, the video begins showing older versions of Jeep vehicles and then the video is cut to July 2021, including solar chargers, which show charging stations. Then, the video progresses to 2025, when Jeep vehicles are able to make Biometric Recognitions that can unlock and turn on vehicles.

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Other technologies of the future include dynamic tire pressure, multi-power port and peer-to-peer loading. Another interesting technology is the ability to combine a drone with a Jeep vehicle. In the video, a drone helps illuminate the path of a Jeep vehicle far ahead of its headlights at night.

Then the video progresses to 2030, where the Jeep is capable of making an off-roader motorhome. The vehicle is seen driving on its own at low speed while the owners go for a ride. By remote vehicle tracking, owners can find out where the vehicle is. The Jeep meets its owners at the end of the road to track them down. Autonomous driving also allows you to see four-seater stars.

Jeep aims to offer fully electric and zero-emission 4xe plug-in hybrid lines for 2025 by 2025. Today, its 4xe lines are Jeep Renegade 4xe, Jeep Compass 4xe and Jeep Wrangler 4xe.


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