Anupamaa aka Rupali Ganguly’s old audio video goes viral

Anupamaa aka Rupali Ganguly’s old audio video goes viral

Anupamaa aka Rupali Ganguly’s old audio video goes viral

TV actor Rupali Ganguly has been directing hearts with the depiction of Anupama in the popular daily soap. The innocence and vulnerability of the actor on the screen has been echoed by the audience. The show has ruled the TRP charts for many months and is still steady in the Top 5. Recently, Rulapi Ganguly’s video has gone viral on the Internet since an audition for Anupama.

In the viral video, Rupali can be seen performing a scene that enters her daughter’s room without permission. When her daughter asks her to be careful not to enter her room without permission, Anupama talks about how her mother and daughter can be friends. The video shows Rupali wearing a cotton net and her hair cut loose.

Rupali Ganguli became the character of ‘Monisha Sarabhai’ in the film ‘Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai’. Among others, he has performed sessions such as Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, Sanjivani, Parvarrish – Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi.

Rupali has often been compared to former Bollywood actor Sridevi. In an interview with Yahoo Style, the actor revealed that Sridevi is obsessed. “I feel very overwhelmed, because he’s been an idol, he’s someone we’ve grown up with, I’ve seen all his films 25-30 times. I’ve seen Indian festivals, ChaalBaaz, Chandni, Lamhe, etc., at least 8-10 times in theaters. Sridevi I’m obsessed with it and I feel like if someone reflects your idol in your behavior as well as in your behavior. “

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He added: “I have seen all his films several times. As for Sanjivani, Ladla was my reference, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Chaalbaaz was my reference. But for Anupama it was my father (Anil Ganguly) Kora Kagaz.”

Earlier this year, Rupali Ganguly tested positive for coronavirus while filming Anupamaa. Going to Instagram, she revealed that she has also tested her family and that she is also testing her Anupamaa family. The actor is symptomatic and has now put himself away from others.

Rupali Ganguli wrote: “MA Corona Devi .. Tu hai ki nahiiiii (smooth and asymptomatic) Ye kya Hua kaise Hua kab Hua … Jab Hua tab Hua …. chhodo ye na poocho … This is kind of positive No Take care and be safe all of us and continue to shower my love with my family and Anupamaa family … Sorry u and Rudransh @ashwinkverma and the whole unit @ rajan.shahi.543 for letting me down despite taking everything- pat Nahi Kahan se kaise ho Gaya. “

“I have put myself away from my family and other human beings. The family has been tested and waiting for the results …. keep them in your prayers … The unit is also being tested as I write this … please send lots of love, healing and prayers for my family and for my Anupama family “


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