Anupria Goenka starts filming for Arshad Warsi’s web session …

Anupria Goenka in ‘Asur 2’: a great feeling to talk to people face to face (Pic Credit: Instagram / goenkaanupriya)

Actress Anupria Goenka has opened up for the start of filming for the second season of the “Asur” web series.

“It’s beautiful to finally be shooting ‘Asur 2’, which has been waiting in the pipeline for a long time. Fans have sent messages to all the cast to find out when it’s coming, and now we’re at least able to start filming,” Anupria told IANS.

Practicing the filming experience, Anupria Goenka says that finally being able to talk to people in person is a great feeling.

“It’s a Fantastic shooting experience. Being able to talk to people face to face and not feel through a zoom call is a great feeling. I’m working with some of our most serious film industries, which gives me tremendous pleasure. I hope we all do better than we anticipated, ”says Anupria Goenka.

As the pandemic is not yet over, Anupria is cautious about the health and hygiene required.

“It feels good to be able to get out of work, now the Lockdown rules have calmed down a bit. While I’m setting up, I’m taking all the steps and trying, while I’m making films and even in filming,” says Anupria Goenka.

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