Apple macOS Monterey saves you from having to do this painful exercise

Apple macOS Monterey saves you from having to do this painful exercise

The latest version of the operating system is generally welcome, as it offers additional advantages that were not available in older versions. Overall, it’s a win-win situation, both for the companies concerned and for the users of the products. That’s what happened when Apple unveiled MacOS Monterey at its developers ’annual WWDC 2021 conference call earlier this week. With MacOS Monterey, Apple wants to bring many new features to the desktop operating system (OS). The list includes citations and notes in the Universal Control and AirPlay sections, among others.

In addition to all of these features, Apple has also introduced a new feature in the desktop-based operating system that allows users to remove Mac laptops and desktops without having to reinstall the operating system. Simply put, users can restore Apple laptops or desktops to factory settings without having to reinstall the operating system.

An interesting revelation is the offer on Apple’s support page, as the company has listed the details of this feature.

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“System Preferences now allows you to delete all user data and user-installed applications from the system while maintaining the currently installed operating system. he wrote on his help page.

In addition, macOS Monterey comes with a full-system translation feature that allows users to translate any text written or ordered. Apple has also brought live text to macOS Monterey, which can be used to translate selected text in photos. Apple has also brought a new feature to the desktop operating system that optimizes the battery life of the device. The company has brought a low-power mode to macOS Monterey, which reduces the system clock speed and screen brightness to extend the battery life of Mac and MacBook laptops.

For privacy, Apple has introduced a recording indicator feature on macOS Monterey. As Apple explains, this feature allows users to see which apps have access to the microphone in the Mac control center. “Every time an app shows access to a microphone, a new camera indicator increases a new camera indicator,” Apple explained in a help page.

However, if you want to buy it now, know that macOS is available for Monterey beta developers. It will be available as a public beta next month and in the fall of this year for all users.


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