Apple Maps provides 3D maps for navigation, new keys can unlock and launch cars

Apple Maps provides 3D maps for navigation, new keys can unlock and launch cars

Apple will change the way you use Apple CarPlay to navigate while you’re on the go. The company has released an update to iOS 15, which has several features that will help the car owner use his services.

Committed to building the “best map in the world,” Apple iOS 15 has further enhanced its functionality with new ways of navigating. With the latest updates, users can get 3D maps to help them understand navigation more accurately, as well as better understand the environment.

The new Apple Maps will show significantly improved details, including new elevation, road colors and labels, custom-designed landmarks, and a new night mode with the moon shining.

When navigating using CarPlay, Apple Maps will have the experience of driving a three-dimensional city with new road details. This feature will be incredibly helpful for drivers to see details like turning lanes, means, bike lanes and pedestrian crossings.

For those who use public transportation, Apple has added a feature to determine favorite locations to use as a reference for the future, such as on daily commutes. This feature remembers the selected mode of transportation and alerts the user before reaching the specified destination.

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Apple offers augmented reality to users who create a very specific position to provide specific walking instructions. This can also help customers find their vehicles in crowded multi-level car parks.

In addition to the new maps, Apple has updated its portfolio with the help of additional key types. This year, the car’s digital keys get even better with the support of Ultra Wideband technology, so users can safely unlock and launch a supported vehicle without taking it out of their iPhone pocket or purse.

Apple introduced the car’s digital keys last year. BMW was the first car manufacturer to add these keys that allow users to touch them to unlock vehicles that are compatible with the system.

In the U.S., Apple will again allow customers this year to add their driver’s license or state IDs to the Wallet.


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