Arjun Mathur deplores the disappearance of Farhad Humayun: “I will miss the soothing sweetness of your voice”

Arjun Mathur deplores the disappearance of Farhad Humayun: “I will miss the soothing sweetness of your voice”

Well-known Pakistani musician Farhad Humayun died on Tuesday after battling a “cancerous brain tumor”, shared with actor and friend Arjun Mathur on Tuesday. Farhad Humayun was 42 years old. The news of his disappearance was first posted on his band’s official Facebook page, Overload.

“The excellent ‘Farhad Humayun & Overload’ left us for the stars this morning. Stoic in the face of challenges, uncomplicated in his values, generous by mistake, horrible! Fadi was very advanced in his time, spirit and art. He would like to celebrate his life so his relatives We asked his friends and fans to pay tribute to him and say a prayer today.We can almost hear David Bowie saying these words: “I don’t know where I’m going, but I promise it won’t be boring,” read the message. they remembered the times he spent with her.

Farhad Humayun was one of the biggest names in the Pakistani music industry. He recorded several albums with Atif Aslam and also played drums during one of the seasons at Coke Studio. In 2003 he formed his famous group Overload. Atif Aslam wrote on Twitter: “Thank you, Fadi, for the great music, the good moments and for playing on my 1st album. Friend, I was delighted with our cooperation. I also finished the lyrics, but I didn’t know we couldn’t carry them out. Your legacy – fire, passion and wonderful courage – will live on forever. “

Actor Arjun Mathur, who revealed that he and Farhad were childhood friends, told the singer-songwriter that he was diagnosed with a brain tumor about three years ago. “Few and completely normal 3 years ago, Fadi – one of the best people I knew, the best and healthiest in appearance – was diagnosed with a brain tumor. he decided. “

In a long and disturbing post on Instagram, Arjun wrote about what it means to meet and be friends with Farhad Humayun. “What about a comet? Or a shooting star? As I knew it, my first memories of Farhad Humayun or ‘Fadi’ were small and I visited my parents ’best friends – Uncle Shahzad and Aunt Nivi – from Pakistan. We would expect parents to attend their parties so they can play the 8-bit NES “Excite-Bike” or watch our favorite movies of the time .. “Jaanbaaz” and “Veerana,” no less. As a child, when our family visited Lahore, I remember the biggest Aloo-Parathas I had ever seen at home, .. and the best chicken sandwiches after swimming in the Lahore Gymkhana, ”the excerpt read.

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The actor wrote another message on Wednesday, recalling Farhad Humayun and his “soothing sweetness” in his voice. The publication says: “I will miss you very much, Fadi. I will miss your unparalleled tehzeeb and the soothing sweetness of your voice. More than anything, ‘Pyaraay!’ Again. And I pray that the only words that come to you when you reach your final destination will be yours – ‘HAAN YAAR! BAHUT AALA! ‘”


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