Armaan Malik: ‘BTS opened its doors to Asian artists around the world’

Armaan Malik: ‘BTS opened its doors to Asian artists around the world’

Singer Armaan Malik has once again hit the ‘Echo’ that he released in May with the success of his latest track and has garnered over 13 million views on YouTube. Recently, sat down to an exclusive conversation with Armaan about his dream of exploring international music, KPop singer Eric Nam Nam and much more.

‘Echo’ is your fourth international single and fourth consecutive hit.

‘Echo’ is the first international collaboration with KPop Singer / Songwriter Eric Nam and awesome artists like KSHMR like the famous DJ / Music Producer.

‘Echo’ was not perceived when I met KSHMR in Los Angeles before the global pandemic started and my first English single was released. He played unreleased material, including ‘Echo’, which was stuck and I recorded my demo verse in his own studio. Around mid-2020, Eric and I had this little interaction on Twitter that sparked a friendship on the Internet and our team connected to discuss potential collaboration. The track we all turned on the most was “Echo”. the next month looks like it is right now.

Armaan Malik KPop singer / songwriter Eric Nam and DJ / music producer with KSHMR. (Photo: PR Handout)

But along with success and success, is there also a fear of failure?

Whenever you try something new or enter unfamiliar lands, there is always a lasting fear of the unknown. It was awesome to re-introduce myself and start my musical journey again in this new big world of global pop. Many people here in India thought I was taking the biggest risk in my career. But I think the biggest fear I have as an artist is not being able to express my true self.

Everyone expects you to be in a certain way and create music that you’ve always been familiar with, but as an artist, there’s always a part of your art that can be very different from your usual work, which you run the risk of rejecting. your fans.

Many people believe that I can only sing love songs and ballads, and that I can’t do justice to other genres. Even though I love being known, I hate writing because I know I’m so much more. However, I believe when you don’t open all your cards at once. I’m still young. As time goes on I would like to get to know the world better and in a different way. I want to continue to amaze with my musical abilities.

What is the process of writing your song?

I don’t have a set process that I follow when writing a song. Many of my ideas flow naturally and instinctively. Every language, every genre has a different atmosphere. However, I must add that I have a greater tendency to melodically. I have a natural tendency to get the melody out first and then focus on the lyrics and theme of the song.

Korean music covers the whole world, especially BTS. Do you like their music?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. They have really opened their doors to Asian artists around the world and I really respect them for doing that.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in creating Indian music?

From where I am today, I am hopeful, with Indian artists in general, that we have a great ability to cross and make a mark in entertainment around the world. We just need to explore a little more to find these hidden gems. With the introduction of global streaming giants like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music and Amazon Music in recent years, many of our artists are being heard around the world. Because of this tremendous exposure, the soundscape here is also constantly changing. Many artists are not limited to just Hollywood projects and are actively doing music outside of film independently. This has led to the creation of a separate parallel music industry that is not part of the Bollywood universe. Thus, indie musicians strive to listen and spread. The digital space has become very helpful in promoting new music and artists. For all the emerging artists, I think it’s very important to use these platforms effectively because it’s definitely a place to discover and get a great break. The options are endless!

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You and Amaal have worked together on many projects. How has your music sensitivity changed over the years?

Although it may seem cliché, “change is the only constant,” we both grew emotional beings first and then as artists. Some of the greatest songs that have given me personality in this industry are with my brother and I am very proud of him. We continue to experiment with sound, genre, style, technique and what not. I have amazing projects with him and they are not anything you have heard from us.

A couple of days later I spoke to Amaal Mallik and she said how important partnerships are and the need for the hour. Do you agree? And with whom do you want to collaborate with international artists?

Collaborations are important for overcoming creative boundaries, influencing cultural impact, presenting your music to an untapped audience, and most importantly learning something new. Limit yourself to studies in other areas of music only. For example, while working with Eric on “Echo,” I learned a lot about the K-pop space and the planning they release throughout the year. He also told me that Niles ’time in India had an impact on his music and life. (In collaboration) I would love to collaborate with artists like Charlie Puth and DJ / producer, to name a few Zedd and Lauv.

When we finally spoke, you said that the international space is scary because there is a lot of competition. Did your thoughts change when you came out with the fourth single?

Things have probably been different since I released “Control” to “Echo” because I’ve learned so much about the market, the audience, the music, and myself, so I’m better prepared to be there. In my opinion, the main thing we need to change is the perception of Indians and Asians in foreign lands in general. The love and support I have received with some English songs gives me tremendous hope and courage for the next generation of musicians and artists to pursue their dreams and pave the way for making “global success” a reality.

Does the number of views on multiple platforms decide whether or not you are successful as an artist? How do you view the gaming music industry?

I would be lying if I say that numbers don’t matter because it’s a digital space and one of the ways to measure a song’s performance. That said, numbers should not be the only parameter in judging the success or failure of an artist, qualitative aspects should also be considered. There are some amazing artists in India who may not get a huge number but still have a great cultural impact on the music scene.

Have you already planned the next one?

I have a lot of exciting projects underway, including a mix of English collaborations, Hindi singles, regional songs and Bollywood songs.


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