Armaan Malik motivates fans to be nice to others, read the tweet!

Arma Malik Fans Suggests To Be Nice With Others (PC: Instagram)

Singer Armaan Malik went on social media on Sunday to recommend his fans to be nice to others.

“It takes a minute to be nice to someone and a minute to stab someone. Choose what you say or do in that minute. A lot depends on that, ”Armaan tweeted on Sunday.

Commenting on the tweet shared by Armaan Malik, the fans expressed their opinion.

“There are a lot of positive and negative things in this world. We cannot eradicate these negatives. It all has two sides – good and bad. It’s our chance, ”commented Armaan Malik fans.

“I tried to be nice to everyone around me and they made me a knife, so I’m going to be a knife for everyone and I don’t care,” the other fan said.

“Well @ ArmaanMalik22 words are very powerful .. it depends on how we use them. Being nice to others never goes out of style! I would prefer others to follow your advice when you use the words perfectly!” Another fan shared.

This morning, Armaan Malik wrote a tweet saying that he is busy with a project that is very close to his heart.

“I know I haven’t been a regular on social media lately, but that’s what I’m focusing on a project that is very close to my heart. I hope I can bring a wide smile on everyone’s face. I can’t wait any longer, love everyone,” they wrote.

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