As a result of the clashes, Britney Spears’ commitment to freedom is returned to the courts

As a result of the clashes, Britney Spears’ commitment to freedom is returned to the courts

Three weeks after Britney Spears was asked to return to life in court, the offer of freedom is back in court on Wednesday with a conservatory that monitors her business and business affairs mixed in reports of conflict, resignation and death threats.

It seems that the 39-year-old Spears is no closer to ending the 13-year-old court-sanctioned conservation in a June emotional speech called abuse, stupid and shameful.

The case returned to Los Angeles court on Tuesday after the bombings by Spears, who said she was prevented from remarrying or having more children and wanted to choose her lawyer.

The singer has not yet submitted the necessary legal documents to complete the conservatory. Court-appointed lawyer Samuel Ingham left last week and has yet to be replaced.

The judge is expected to select a new attorney to replace the singer on Wednesday, following 24/7 security requests following death threats against those attending the conservatory as public support for Spears has increased.

It’s unclear whether the “Piece of Me” singer, who hasn’t revealed her mental health issues, will be involved.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) presented legal documents to protect Spears.

“The court should ensure that Britney Spears makes that choice sensibly and hires someone she trusts with the tools she needs to defend her stated goal: get her out of her conservation,” Zoe Brennan-Krohn, ACLU’s Disability Rights Project, said in a statement.

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Jodi Montgomery, who is in charge of the singer’s personal care, and the father of singer Jamie Spears, who has controlled his estate since 2008, are debating who is to blame for the restrictions the singer eventually complained about.

In a lawsuit filed in court last week, Montgomery accused Jamie Spears of “pointing the finger and attacking the media” in addition to helping the singer instead of working in the group.

Jamie Spears, Montgomery, Ingham and the singer’s sister Jamie Lynn Spears have received death threats since the pop star addressed the court on June 23, according to court documents.

Jamie Spears she presented papers expressing concern about the “dangerous rhetoric” about the case, and asked the court to allow her daughter’s requests to be investigated and answered.

The financial company Bessemer Trust has asked to step down from its role of managing the singer’s $ 60 million assets, while the 25-year-old pop star’s manager resigned as Spears wanted to retire and his services were no longer needed.


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