As ‘Tan’ is getting a new color among us, more details will be revealed at Summer Game Fest

As ‘Tan’ is getting a new color among us, more details will be revealed at Summer Game Fest

Innersloth has another big news coming soon among us. It will introduce a new color to Us that has long been a member of the guidelines. Tan will join us in the next update. If you are a fan of us, you should notice or hear, a color that did not come to be a crew among us. But in the end it’s happening.

He confirmed that the arrival of black tan on Twitter would be the next color added to the game. For those who don’t know, there is actually a Wiki fandom page about Tan and his history. Tan was the thirteenth color designed among us, but was eventually discarded because the developers didn’t want an irregular amount of color. Tan was designed with lime, which made it the 12th color. But he made an appearance at the Polus development stream on August 11, 2019 and was later added as an Emoji on the Innersloth Discord server. Tan will now become a new color among us.

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More details about Tan will be provided at the June 10 Summer Game Fest. Innersloth has more features organized among us. The lobbies will continue to grow to a total of 15 players. It currently supports 10 players in a single lobby. This means that five more colors will be added to the game. Innersloth has also revamped its art style with “cleaner lines and an easier animation process.”

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It also reached a new milestone among us last weekend with 2 million daily PC users. Spike became one of the Epic Games Store that appeared among us for free. Among us, on the computer, the number of regular daily users of 350,000 players rose to 2 million after the free one.


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