Ashish Kulkarni has finally broken the silence in the “Improper Elimination” debate

Ashish Kulkarni has finally broken the silence in the “Improper Elimination” debate

Indian Idol 12: Ashish Kulkarni breaks silence when Fan claims his unjust expulsion (Photo Credit: Instagram)

The reality show of Indian Idol 12 singer for the wrong reasons this year, gives the topicality. The season received a backlash from the start and now the show sparked controversy after Ashish Kulkarni was shown the exit door to one of the most important competitors.

Kulkarni, a resident of Pune, is a trained classical singer and was one of the favorites among the judges. However, after the expulsion, netizens turned to social media and said the deletion was “unfair”. Now the singer has opened up about Furore.

Ashish Kulkarni said in an interview with ETimes TV that he does not think his expulsion was unfair. He also called the traveler on the show a life-changing one. He said, “I’m not going to say I’m disappointed. I’m very happy because I’ve done it so far. I never imagined in my life that I would be able to sing in front of sheds like that. I miss all the contestants and judges. We became a family. I miss them too, but in the end we have to understand that it is part of a competition and that is how the competition works. We have accepted this event and now I am preparing for the future. “

The singer also talked about the love she was receiving on her social media in the 12th session of Indian Idol. He said: “It’s amazing the next level. I never imagined I could get so much love from the audience. They’ve thrown so much love and support at me. I’m overwhelmed with love and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. I will try my best to give everything I can in the future. “

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Speaking to fans about his claim of unfair expulsion, Ashish Kulkarnik said: “I don’t think the decision is unfair. It is entirely the decision of the audience and the judges and I fully respect it. I mean all the contestants came to the show to celebrate Indian Idol 12 music, I would love to be a part of the show until the audience feels I need to participate. I understand ‘Logon ko naarazgi ke peeche bhi unka Pyaar ki Chupa Hua hai’ … My only intention was to go up on stage and celebrate music and pay homage to the music directors I sing. I feel like nothing can be bigger than music, not even competition. During the pandemic, it was our responsibility to show and entertain people’s smiles. I feel happy because I was able to participate in the session, entertain the audience and get so much love. I just want no one to be eliminated now and all six should be announced as winners. Because they’re all great. “

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