Asian Boxing Championship: Indian Amit Panghal’s review of 52kg loss rejected by jury |  Boxing News

Asian Boxing Championship: Indian Amit Panghal’s review of 52kg loss rejected by jury | Boxing News

Amit Panghal lost in the 52-pound final against Shakhobidin Zoirov of Uzbekistan.© BFI

Protests in India against former champion Amit Panghal in the 52-pound category in the final of the Asian boxing tournament were ruled out by the jury on Monday. Panghal lost 2-3 against Uzbekistan’s Xakobidin Zoirov. “India has questioned the R2 ruling of the 2-3 ruling and @Boxerpanghal unexpectedly lost to the ASBC #AsianEliteBoxingChampionships in Dubai Final, World and @Olympics Champion S Zoirov against the Uzbek Flag,” the BFI posted an update before tweeting: ” The protest filed by the Indian team was not approved by the jury committee and @Boxerpanghal ended the ASBC #AsianEliteBoxingChampionships campaign with a silver medal. “

Earlier in the tournament, Indian boxer Sakshi Choudhary (54kg) lost his last place to his rival Dina Zholaman, a brilliant journalist who successfully challenged the two-time world champion to a narrow victory.

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The International Boxing Association (AIBA) introduced the 2019 session review system. The team manager or coach of the losing boxer spends 15 minutes making the decision to file his Protest and complete the documentation for the next 30 minutes. minute.

Decisions made with a score of 5-0 or 4-1 cannot be reviewed under this system. A maximum of two reviews per failed group.


“If the Technical Delegation decides, after consulting with the Bout Review Review Jury, that the protest should be allowed to proceed, the jury will review the fight – the Observer, the Arbitration Evaluator and the Judge Evaluator,” AIBA said.

In the event of a protest claiming that the judge violated AIBA’s technical rule, the affected team must determine the offense, the turn that allegedly occurred and how it affected the final outcome. The decision of the jury must be taken unanimously and will be final.

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