Awesome for the players!  At the Epic Games Store, Control is free for one week

Awesome for the players! At the Epic Games Store, Control is free for one week

Who doesn’t want a chance to get something for free? Especially all of them, for sure. In this game that will bring great joy to the gaming community, Epic Games has offered Remedy’s Supernatural thriller, Control, for free in its game store. Interested players can head to the Epic Games Store on June 17 until 11 a.m. or 8:30 p.m.

New to everyone, Control is a supernatural thriller starring Jesse Fad. The story of the game revolves around self-seeking as one grows in the role of the director. While you’re playing as Jesse Faden, the oldest form you can explore is the old man’s house, which is also home to the Federal Office of Control. Through the game, you will also learn about the telekinetic abilities that will help you fight the Enemies known as Hiss.

It’s not the first time Control is available for free play. Earlier this year members of the Sony PlayStation Plus had the opportunity to play for free. At the moment, Xbox Game Pass subscribers are available at no extra cost.

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It’s worth noting that Control isn’t the only game available for free in the Epic Games Store during the 2021 Mega Sale. The company is offering Genshin Impact for free until 8:30 p.m., June 17. ! 2 and ‘Hell is other demons’ will also be available for free during the Epic Games Store’s Mega Sale 2021. But these games are coming soon in the Epic Games’ Gaming Store.

Apart from that, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is available with a 25% discount, Kingdom Hearts 3 with a 33% discount, Hitman 3 with a 35% discount and World War Z with a 66% discount. During the sale of the game. The company is offering the first three months of Nitro Discord for free to Discord users for the first time.

Players can also request a $ 10 epic coupon using the GET MY EPIC COUPON.

Clearly, Epic Games wants to get as much attention as possible during the sale, and to that end, it’s making every stop. That’s definitely music for players ’ears. Go play!


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