Azerbaijani GP: Sergio Perez of Red Bull wins chaotic grand prix in Baku |  Formula 1 News

Azerbaijani GP: Sergio Perez of Red Bull wins chaotic grand prix in Baku | Formula 1 News

Sergio Perez won the Azerbaijani Grand Prix on June 6th.© AFP

Sergio Perez of Red Bull won the chaotic Azerbaijani Grand Prix on Sunday when Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton did not finish. Sebastian Vettel completed the Unexpected Podium for Aston Martin and Pierre Gasly for Alpha Tauri. Verstappen fell with five children in the race at his Mercy. Hamilton was locked in the restart for the second time. The drama on the streets of Baku allowed him to maintain his leadership in the Verstapp leader’s rankings. Perez won his first win since joining Red Bull.

Perez said, “I’m very happy with today. Usually Baku is pretty crazy but I have to say I’m sorry for Maxi. Today he deserved the victory and it would be good to get the team 1-2 but the victory is a wonderful result.”

He inherited the lead when he cut the Verstappen teammate’s left rear tire when he suffered a direct high-speed accident when he had to claim his second straight victory and his third of the season.

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“Tire,” shouted a disturbed Verstappen on the group’s radio.

After a halt to the red flag that lasted more than half an hour to clear the wreckage of Verstappen’s cars, the Grand Prix is ​​back again with a two-lap sprint to the checkered flag.


Hamilton looked like he would have Perez’s measure, but in the round he turned with Perez, making it hard for him to win.

Polish Charles Leclerc finished fifth and was fifteenth out of points like Hamilton Verstappen.

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