Babil Khan shares spectacular photos of Irrfan Khan and family: “Take this opportunity to say you love them”

Babil Khan shares spectacular photos of Irrfan Khan and family: “Take this opportunity to say you love them”

Since the death of Irrfan Khan in 2020, her son Babil Khan’s Instagram page has become cathartic for fans of his experience. The young man, who is ready to make his Bollywood debut with Netflix’s Qala, continues to share stories and photos from Irrfan’s life. On Thursday, Babil shared some spectacular photos of his family and also wrote them an emotional note.

Calling his family “weird,” Babil wrote that every family is weird and that’s the most beautiful thing about humans. Despite his undeniable fear of the future, he added that he continues to pursue what they want. Babil wrote: “Our family is a strange family. The worst was comparing it to the “image” of perfect neighbors. You are strange families and that is one of the most beautiful things we humans have. There is no denying the fear of not having a clue what to do, but we still deny it. ”

He noted that his family has a “thespis father” who didn’t want to be in that world, a “warrior mother” who continues to struggle with the same passion he loves, and a “smart brother” who can link models in Economics. music. And finally, “a child who loves to cry to watch children or family animated movies.”

“In Chaos where I find myself lost, in doubt, when I feel like a cheese on the couch, I take a moment and look around, I pay attention to people, instead of searching for a second. You know? Our family, we couldn’t fill a glass without spilling it, but sometimes what we need is a small backup, and there’s no shame in asking people who love you now to do that, acknowledge their love. ”

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He ended his release by saying that he should tell everyone that he loves himself and that he should not express this opportunity normally. “The most important thing in the end is to take that opportunity to say you love them. Never take your choice as normal.”

Irrfan Khan died on April 29, 2020 after a long battle with a neuroendocrine tumor.


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