BCCI “Wouldn’t Think” T20 World Cup in the Basque Country and Oman: Report |  Cricket News

BCCI “Wouldn’t Think” T20 World Cup in the Basque Country and Oman: Report | Cricket News

The BCCI will move to the T20 World Cup between October and November in the Basque Country and Oman, as the BCC has internally instructed the ICC to continue its preparations due to the difficult situation of COVID-19 in India. Although the United Arab Emirates was the first backup, the capital of Oman Muscat has been added as the fourth headquarters, not only for Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, for the tournament, which will begin in the last week of October.

“Yes, the BCCI, at the ICC board meeting, requested a four-week window to make the final call, but internally they said they would like to maintain hospitality rights and not consider organizing a tournament in the Basque Country and Oman,” a senior board member told Privy to ICC developments, he told PTI on condition of anonymity.

They said that Muscat has been 16 points for exactly the first rounds of the 16-team competition, which allows the three pitches in the Basque Country to get enough time to freshen up after 31 IPL games.

“If the IPL ends on October 10, the UAE’s T20 World Tour could begin in November, which would give the fields that will be created for the global event three weeks. In the meantime, the first week was held in Oman,” they said.

Most members of the ICC management believe that India is making an effort to devote time, as they take stock of the situation at a time when it is very difficult to predict how things will turn out in October and November.

“If you think about it, India is now reporting about 120,000 cases, which is close to a third of what was reported in late April and early this month.

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“But sitting on June 28, if you say‘ yes ’to the World T20 in India, how can you predict if there is a third wave of health status in October,” the seasoned official asked.

The second question is if the BCCI is wary of recovering eight group IPLs in India in September, how can it conduct a 16-group event in the country within a month.

“Look, everyone including the BCCI brass band knows that Monsoon isn’t good enough and it’s COVID-19, which has nearly $ 2.5 billion in tournament revenue.

“In a 16-team event, if there’s a team affected by a bubble with multiple cases, it won’t be like the IPL. In the weakest teams nationally, you won’t be ready for substitutes for 14 or 15 men.” officials of a.

Another “elephant in the room” is how many foreign players would be at risk of coming to India for the tournament if the situation does not improve completely.


“They would definitely come to play in the IPL of the Basque Country and be happy to play in the T20 World Cup there.

“But he can be sure that there will be health safety concerns with the players’ families and local management and that the local Cricket Association would provide him with information on Perceptions of Health Threats. It would be easier said than done,” the official said. he said.

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