Benedict Cumberbatch answers the question “Who’s the best Sherlock” about him and Robert Downey Jr., guess his answer?

Benedict Cumberbatch answers the question “Who’s the best Sherlock” about him and Robert Downey Jr., guess his answer?

Benedict Cumberbatch’s “Who Is Better Sherlock” and Robert Downey Jr. answers between (photo Credit: IMDb)

Being a fan of Sherlock Holmes, it’s hard to choose between two iconic Sherlocks, one by Benedict Cumberbatch and the other by Robert Downey Junior. The discussion seems endless!

Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the iconic Detective in the BBC Sherlock series, has multifaceted roles associated with himself. From Star Treks to Marvel to Sherlock, they’ve done it all. As for his counterpart Robert Downey Jr., he is also very talented and Sherlock did a good job in the film department.

So who is better than Sherlock Holmes? Benedict Cumberbatch revealed that he and his Marvel Robert Downey Jr. they discussed that while they were appearing on GQ’s Undercover. In this internet segment, Cumberbatch said, “We’re definitely not fighting to find out who the best Sherlock is. No, we’re very lucky. We’ve worked on these two franchises with the play of these iconic characters. Jonny Lee Miller is also a friend and he’s interesting. Still I haven’t had a real discussion with Robert about that or about Jonny, really. ”

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While he continued to talk about it, Benedict Cumberbatch jokingly called his response “sad” and added “I’m the best” while referring to Sherlock Holmes as the best of the two actors.

Sherlock fans have occasionally expressed their love for the portrait of eccentric and genius detective Benedict Cumberbatch. There are currently four seasons in the BCC series and fans can’t wait to see more.

Between Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr. to better answer who Sherlock Holmes is, what we can say is that they both bring something different and exciting to the table, and that the two Marvel stars are just as good as each other.

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