Benelli India will add three new motorcycles to its portfolio by the end of the year

Benelli India will add three new motorcycles to its portfolio by the end of the year

Italian Superbike Maker Benelli wants to add three more motorcycle variants to its Indian portfolio by the end of this year and expand its dealer network, Vikas Jhabakh, the company’s CEO and CEO, told PTI. This includes the Benelli 502C cruise ship, which the company recently opened with reservations in advance, and is expected to open this month.

Today, Benelli’s Indian portfolio includes three bike models: the 500cc TRK502, TRK502X and Leoncino and the 374cc Imperiale 400. From now on, the motorcycle company plans to continue to focus on the country’s 250-500cc motorcycle segment. Jhabakh said it has great potential for growth in the overall premium segment. Today, India has a large customer base for 125cc or 150cc bikes and a large group is rising to the level above 150cc, he added.

125cc-150cc bikes are included in the price range 1 lakh- 1.60 lakes and the next jump made by the customer 2-5 lake brackets, Jhabakh explained. “It is very likely that you will switch to one version 8 lakh- A 10 lakh bike of that level … That’s the general trend. “Thus, the company expects the 250-500cc segment to be the sweet spot for many innovators over the next two years. This segment is about 30,000 units annually, and Jhabakh added,” By 2022 we are looking to corner 25% of those total volumes. “

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Benelli re-entered the Indian motorcycle market in 2018 with Telangana-based Adishwar Auto Ride, a subsidiary of the Mahavir Group, after a close partnership. It has manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad.

Speaking about dealerships, Jhabakh told PTI that the company had about 30 dealerships before the Lockdown and that the retail footprint has continued to grow across the country despite the Pandemic. Today it continues to receive interests from cities that have no physical presence. “If things continue to improve, we will be adding about two outlets each month, looking forward,” he added.

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