Bentley creates a Yacht interior to match the Continental GT V8 interior

Bentley creates a Yacht interior to match the Continental GT V8 interior

Bentley has partnered with Contest Yachts on a single project to create the interior of the owner’s Yacht that matches the interior of the owner’s Continental GT V8. The 18-meter Contest 59 CS Yacht cabin was redesigned by Bentley Design Services as a customized solution for the branded client.

The interior of the Continental GT V8 coupe features Hotspur red leather, paired with contrasting beige linen leather, as well as Bentley diamond studs. The interior of the custom boat is also finished with diamond-studded stitching, a style of coating that requires a specific 712 points per diamond and a specific skill level for this.

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The 59 CS Yacht competition also gets a light-colored wood that looks similar throughout the interior, with a dashboard, door panels and a Bentley wood panel on the center console. Inside the two luxury machines are distinctive materials. Getting inside the yacht will definitely make you feel like you’re inside a big Bentley tourer.

The interior of the Bentley Continental GT V8-inspired sailboat

The yacht’s deep blue exterior also complements the Continental GT’s Light Sapphire paint scheme, much like a match at Heaven. “This project had many opportunities for Bentley Design Services to showcase their truly unique collaboration,” says Brett Boydell, head of Bentley Design Collaborations.

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The Yacht was built by Contest Yachts in the Netherlands for the client. “We are known for our in-depth approach to personalization … (and) this project is the latest example of this approach – working with Bentley to make a customer’s dream come true,” says Arjen Conijn, CEO and co-owner of Competition Yachts.

Luxury automakers like Bentley and Rolls-Royce are known for creating personalized and highly personalized products for their customers, giving them the feeling of being something special and personal. In 2017, Bentley participated in another such sailing project: the Continental GT Convertible Galene Edition. It was created in conjunction with Princess Yachts, incorporating the style of a boat into a Bentley car.


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