Black Widow Box Office: Knocks Down F9 preview collection via a huge margin

Black Widow Box Office: Preview Updated (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Black Widow opened previews on Thursday night in the US. As expected, the film took the start of Flying and demolished F9, the best of the Pandemic era. More interesting is the difference between the protagonist Scarlett Johansson who has surpassed Vin Diesel’s film.

According to ongoing reports, the film made a $ 13.2 million deal in thunderstorms in the U.S. on Thursday. It has become the best pandemic of the time now surpassing $ 7.1 million. That’s a $ 6.1 million difference. The film also premiered in markets such as Germany, Russia, Australia, Japan, Korea, Brazil and Mexico on Thursday. There he made a profit of $ 22.4 million. The main amount of the film is $ 35.6 million.

As we talk about Friday’s U.S. numbers, Black Widow is expected to hit a $ 40 million mark (including Thursday’s previews).

Meanwhile, recently about Natasha Romanoff’s character and her lazy ego, Black Widow, Scarlett said that the character has been very evolved and that Iron Man is far from hyper-being in 2 days.

According to, Scarlett said, “All of this has to do with moving away from this character’s hyper-se * ualization type, and I mean, you look back on“ Iron Man 2 ”and it was really fun and He had a great time there, the character is very happy, you know? Really, he said it’s a piece of something, because it’s a property or a thing or everything, like a part of **, really. Stark) mentions something like that at one point … (he says) ‘I want some.’

Black Line: About Scarlett Johansson Daughter Rose: “In a few years, she won’t want anything to do with me …”

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