Black Widow Robert Downey Jr. would have an AKA Iron Man in the truck, but here’s how the plan stopped

Black Widow Robert Downey Jr. would have an AKA Iron Man in the truck, but here’s how the plan stopped

Robert Downey Jr. would have a cameo in Scarlett Johansson’s black widow, but … (Photo credit: Imdb)

Scarlett Johansson, who stars in Black Widow, is giving up on her passion, and the film, along with Loki, continues to top the charts. In the US – and in a number of selected Disney Plus countries – the film surprised audiences, and people were delighted that Natasha Romanoff has finally come up with a standalone film of her own name. But since we enjoy the film every day, the makers have decided to give it a try.

You know, Scarlett Black Widow entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe as SHIELD agent Natasha Romanoff in Iron Man 2. His early work was Tony Stark or Robert Downey Jr. was to pay attention. In this case, Iron’s influence on Him must be the maximum for men. Seeing the same thing, the studio also plans to give Downey a cameo in the film. But it didn’t go into the final draft and here’s what happened. Read on to find out all about the same.

Black Widow, which hit theaters almost 2 weeks ago, is set in the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War. This gave enough space for the makers to make the Robert Downey Jr. truck. “I remember now a version of the script, before me, was literally written with Tony and Natasha at the end of the Civil War, but they were old images,” said screenwriter Eric Pearson on the Phase Zero podcast. Eric goes on to say that since the footage was old, they had to abandon that idea.

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“It was going to be, ‘Hey, listeners, remember where we are, we’re going to get his momentary key.'” So it wasn’t going to be Robert Downey Jr., as far as I know. [it] it was just a souvenir planted with the flag ‘Hey we are right in the Civil War of’ ’, continued Eric Pearson.

But later Black Widow director Cate Shortland and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige decided to let Natasha shine on her own this time around. “In the beginning, there were discussions about everything, about different characters,” Shortland told Total Film. “It was what we decided, and I think Kevin was great. He said, ‘He doesn’t need boys. We didn’t want him to feel like he needed help. We want him to be alone. And he does.’

Black Widow will soon be released by Indian Disney Plus Hotstar. Stay tuned for more information on Koimoi!

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