BMW India has launched an application-free contactless vehicle service

BMW India has launched an application-free contactless vehicle service

BMW India announced on Thursday that it will install a contactless vehicle service driven by the app. The German automaker says this service facility will provide customers with a seamless experience.

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1998 cc | Gasolina | Automatic (Double Clutch)

Ex-showroom price

6 3,650,000*From now on

Bmw 3-series-Gran-Limousine (HT Auto photo)

Bmw X4 (HT Auto Photo)


1995 cc | Diesel | Automatic (Torque Converter)

Ex-showroom price

2 6,240,000*From now on

Under this app-based contactless vehicle service program, BMW car owners will be able to book a service slot from the comfort of their own home. Service, budget and payment review – all of which can be done online, as the German luxury car manufacturer claimed in an official statement.

The country is providing service at a time when the country is experiencing an unprecedented crisis as a result of the second wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The pandemic has brought the already sick car industry to its knees. Car brand sales fell sharply in May 2021. Dealerships and vehicle service centers are closed in many places due to local closures.

In this scenario, the vehicle service facility based on contactless applications will attract the attention of car owners. BMW Contactless service is considered to be a complete service experience that combines the BMW One application and the BMW Smart Video functionality.

Owners of BMW vehicles can use the BMW One app to access their Smartphone or network to select the type of service required to choose a convenient date and time, along with the nearest BMW workshop.

BMW service staff will arrive at the pick-up point, clean up the vehicle and continue service. Customers say they receive a detailed assessment of the vehicle’s condition and a recommendation for additional service through the BMW Smart Video update.

Speaking about contactless service facilities, Vikram Pawah, President of BMW Group India, said the automaker is taking advantage of new technologies to increase customer-focused initiatives.

“We have successfully transformed our business processes throughout our dealer network and provided the perfect way for customers to access and experience BMW vehicle service from the comfort of their homes. BMW Contactless Service will play a key role in providing a secure and complementary customer service. newcomers to this pandemic, ”he added.



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