BMW is launching a revamped new app in the car with personalized feed and better audio

BMW has rolled out an updated version of its news app to millions of vehicles in recent days. The latest version of the car news app features a personalized news feed that intelligently filters news according to customer preferences, as well as higher audio quality.

The custom feed allows users to choose the categories in which they want to receive news. The app’s Artificial Intelligence learns customer behavior over time as it is “liked” by individual publications, allowing the app to customize the news feed even more accurately. Both personalized news and the most important news are provided to the users through the audio system.


1998 cc | Gasolina | Automatic (Double Clutch)

Ex-showroom price

42.90.000*From now on

Bmw 3-series-Gran-Limousine (HT Auto photo)

Bmw X4 (HT Auto Photo)


1995 cc | Diesel | Automatic (Current Converter)

Ex-showroom price

68.90.000 ₹*From now on

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For more news coverage, BMW has integrated additional and relevant news providers into the app. The news feed offers users a mix of short news and longer reports to choose from. BMW says all updates to the latest news app are based on feedback provided by a number of test teams of customers who have tested the app in real time in the car.

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The new BMW app for new cars is available on the BMW 7 operating system without the need for a remote software version. However, the vehicle supports at least version 20-11 of the BMW operating system. Vehicles that meet the minimum requirements will automatically receive the update in the coming days and weeks, starting in Europe. The updated app will be spread across the country throughout the year.

BMW Operating System 7 and Remote Software Updates help customers keep their vehicles up to date with the latest software versions. Typically, new features can be installed on vehicles with over-the-air (OTA) functionality, typically no more than 20 minutes are required to install the updates.


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