Boris Johnson announces stadium ban for footballers attacking race | Football news

Laws banning football hooligans from going to matches in England will be aimed at those responsible for racially abusing players on social media, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday. The proposal to change the bans on football began as a result of an abuse targeted at several black players in England after the team failed on Sunday in the 2020 Euro Cup final against Italy. “What we are doing today is taking practical steps to change the regime of orders banning football, so if you are guilty … you will not go to the match for abusing footballers,” he said. Members of Parliament.

Prohibition orders, created in 1989 to stop the creation of problems with well-known English hooligans in domestic and foreign matches and surroundings, are managed by the Football Prohibition Order Authority.

In response to an urgent question in Parliament, junior Home Secretary Victoria Atkins – who is the unit in charge of the department – agreed to use orders to deal with trolls, who are often abroad, would be “complex”.

“But we want to work with football clubs and others so that all of these orders have the powers we all want,” he added.

Manchester City Police in the north-west of England have said they have arrested a 37-year-old man for suspending a crime under the Malicious Communications Act following social media posts targeting English players.

The offense carries a maximum sentence of two years imprisonment and / or an indefinite fine.

“Facial fines”

The government is under increasing pressure to act on the issue, as it launched an online petition on Monday calling for continued bans on gambling to attract more than a million signatories (online or offline) to racist abuse.

However, Johnson and his ministers have been heavily criticized at the start of the tournament for the fact that the knee-jerk players who threw their knees before the match did not immediately condemn England fans.

Johnson met with representatives of major social media companies on Tuesday when they said he was part of a unified approach to tackling the problem.

“If they don’t remove hatred and racism from the platforms, they will receive fines of up to 10% of revenue, and we all know they have the technology to do that,” they said, citing the government’s planned “online Harms bill”. “

Johnson noted that the initial discussion has continued with Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram.

Opposition politicians said the move was too little or too late while Johnson was attacking the race in his day as a newspaper clerk.

Johnson made several harshly criticized comments, including one that once described Africans as “watermelons waving the flag with a watermelon smile”.

He also paired a covered Muslim woman with “mailboxes”. On Wednesday, Johnson said comments from the past were taken “out of context.”


“The whistling of this prime minister’s dog legacy has entered 10 Downing Street and is now at the heart of this Tory government,” said Scottish National Party leader Ian Blackford in the UK parliament.

“It’s a shame that the prime minister will have to meet with major social media companies until last night.”

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