Brett Lee |  k says “The Last Virat Kohli’s Past” is among the latest big cricket news

Brett Lee | k says “The Last Virat Kohli’s Past” is among the latest big cricket news

It seems like an endless debate over who is the best batsman of today’s generation. Everyone has their favorites now looking at their countrymen. However, that is not the case with former Australian fastball player Brett Lee. The Aussie is pretty clear about the latest in the game, saying “it’s hard to get past Virat Kohli”. Praising the Indian captain’s “Excellent Mindset” and “Excellent Cricket Brain,” Lee believes Virat Kohli is only improving with age.

“When you look at the big ones lately, it’s hard to pass up Virat Kohli. What an incredible record he has. He’s getting better with age. He has a great mindset, a great Cricket brain as well.” Brett Lee receives a statement from the International Cricket Council (ICC).

The fast-paced Australian, when asked about his favorite egg, didn’t choose between Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara.

“My favorite tests of the time I was playing would be Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara,” Lee said.

Speaking about Lara becoming a formidable opponent, the Australian said: “Brian Lara was very ordinary. You can throw six balls at him in the same place, let’s say at the top of the stem. he could, he could cut at a point, he could drive from the covers, he could hit straight on the ground offside.

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“With Sachin you knew where the ball was going to go, but you had to throw the ball. He had an amazing cricket technique, great temperature and great brain cricket,” Lee said of the Indian master.

India will face New Zealand in the World Test Championship (WTC) final at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton, starting on 18 June.

Brett Lee feels that while there isn’t much to differentiate between the two teams, New Zealand are small enough to get into the game.


“I think it’s pretty matched. I’m thinking about the New Zealand experience, because they’ve bowled at home in similar conditions, you’re talking about moving the ball, you’re going to talk about something on the wicker. he said.

“So I think the Kiwis can have an advantage from this event. But I think it’s going to be bowling. I think the bowling team will win the final game of the Test,” Lee added.

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