British GP: Max Verstappen taken to hospital after “evil” clash with Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 News

British GP: Max Verstappen taken to hospital after “evil” clash with Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 News

Max Verstappen, the leader of the Formula 1 Championship, fell out of the British Grand Prix on Sunday in the first round with Lewis Hamilton dominating the first round. Verstappen’s Red Bull was knocked out of the race when he got off the track and into the fences. His Red Bull team tweeted that they had been taken to hospital for further preventive testing. “Thank God he’s gone without harm,” Red Bull team leader Christian Horner told the race director. “It’s all the fault that Hamilton should never have been in that position.” “It was a really bad accident. It’s kind of a professional foul,” Horner later told British TV. Hamilton was sentenced to 10 seconds, which he could have taken at a pit stop. With as many crowds as possible, the Hamilton home rider, who started second in the net, attacked Verstapp from the start.

He made several attempts to advance and tried to cut Copse from the inside out. When the Dutchman from Verstappen turned around he hit the front tire of Mercedes and crossed his Red Bull gravel and crashed into the fences.

The race was interrupted led by Charles Leclerc of Ferrari and the crew was removing the car from Verstappen and officials were investigating the incident.

Verstappen gestured to the people before boarding an ambulance.

“After being evaluated by doctors on the side of the track at Silverstone Circuit Medical Center, they took him to a local hospital in Max Verstappen,” the Red Bull tweet said.

During the break of the action the teams and drivers put pressure on the organizers and managers of the races both in advance and on the radio.

Mercedes and Horner team directors Toto Wolff went to the officers ’room in the pit lane.

Hamilton posted his case in a radio chat with his team.

“I was into it before,” he said. “It was my line. I was giving space to the guy.”

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From Mercedes Pit Lane he called race director Michael Massey.

“I was able to see that picture. Lewis was significantly within the ninth round.”

Horner argued the opposite on a radio show with Massey

“That corner, it was never next door,” Horner said.

“Every driver who has driven this circuit knows that in Copse you don’t stick a wheel. It’s a huge accident and it’s been 100 percent Max’s corner. It’s a complete fault that Hamilton should never have been in that position.”

“Thank God he’s gone without harm. I hope you’ll deal with him properly,” Horner concluded before repeating the sentiment on the pit television cameras.

The administrators eventually imposed a 10-second penalty, the lowest penalty he could have set, even if he reviewed the race incident.

Horner told British television that the sentence was “quite light, he will still finish on the podium with that penalty”.

The Mercedes boxes responded via Hamilton radio that their strategy had changed.

“So you’ll probably have to move on. The situation has changed because of a 10-second penalty compared to this morning,” they said.

Verstappen won the last three races to secure a 33-point advantage seven times over champion Hamilton.

After finishing second in Saturday’s Qualifying Sprint, Hamilton repeated the complaint because the Red Bulls were faster.


“It was similar to the last few races, you had to follow Max,” he said, a feeling that initially explained his desperate attempt to achieve leadership.

Hamilton had another notorious first-lap accident in 2016 when he collided with teammate Nico Rosberg in Barcelona when he destroyed two cars. Rosberg won the title.

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