Britney Spears calls it a “so-called support system,” she wrote, “This conservatory has killed my dreams.”

Britney Spears calls it a “so-called support system,” she wrote, “This conservatory has killed my dreams.”

Singer Britney Spears took to Instagram and said she will not be performing again as long as her father maintains control over her career. conservatory He has been “killing his dreams” for 13 years. The pop star’s father, Jamie Spears, controls his daughter’s $ 60 million estate under a conservatory founded in 2008.

Britney wrote: “For those of you who choose to critique my dance videos … look, I’m not going to be on stage any time soon to dress up, say, do or think with my dad 🚫🙅🏼‍♀️ 🚫! !!! That’s what I’ve done for the last 13 years … I’d rather share YES videos from my living room instead of the Vegas stage, where so far some people were missing and couldn’t even shake my hand. “

Her title read: “And no, I’m not going to wear heavy makeup and try on stage again and I won’t be able to make a real deal with remixes of my songs over the years and asking MY fans to put my new music on my show … so I quit !! !! ”

He called his support system “deeply hurt.” “I don’t like my sister appearing at an awards show and performing MY SONGS in remixes !!!!! The so-called support system hurt me so much !!!! This conservatory killed my dreams … so I just have hope and it’s hope the only thing that is very difficult to kill in this world … people are still trying !!!! ”

Britney also mentioned how she didn’t like the documentaries that brought her life to the forefront. The film Framing Britney Spears caught the attention of the Conservative and received support around the #FreeBritney campaign. He wrote: “I didn’t like the way the documentaries brought back humiliating moments from the past … I’ve overcome all that and I’ve been for a long time !!!!”

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Britney also expressed hope that those who attacked her were “hopeful.” “Like I said … hope is all I have right now … you’re lucky to post anything … if you don’t like what you see, follow me !!! People try to kill hope, because hope is one of the weakest and most fragile things !!! ! ”

Previously, Britney shared her thoughts “Never forget who ignored you when you needed to and even before you asked who helped you.”

In the title of the post, he wrote, “There’s nothing more happening than people who have never appeared to you when they post things about your situation and speak correctly to say help. There’s nothing worse than that !!!!”

Britney continued: “How dare the people you love the most say anything … did they even raise a hand to me at THAT TIME !!! ??? How dare you make it public NOW I CARE FOR YOU … when you drowned you held out your hand ???? ”

Spears got the win last week when there was a change of representation after witnessing his father and the conservatory he has been overseeing since 2008 for the past month.


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