BTS fan Diljit Dosanjh names new album after RM song ARMY is overjoyed

BTS fan Diljit Dosanjh names new album after RM song ARMY is overjoyed

Singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh is a BTS fan who has made it clear through Instagram posts and various interviews. He follows the popular K-Pop group on social media platforms, and often praises their performances. It seems that his next album also has a link with BTS leader Mixtape from RM.

In 2018, RM released their mixtape, titled Moon. One of the songs included was called Moonchild. Diljit Dosanjh recently announced the title of his album on Instagram and wrote the post: “It’s a new era .. MOON CHILD IS. A NEW ALBUM.” they commented, expressing joy that they are also part of ARMY.

We’re not sure if the name was inspired by BTS, but luckily one day RM and Diljit can make a joke or even better a crossover, as BTS has always shown great love for the Indian hobby.

In 2019, Diljit made it clear that he was also part of ARMY, when he tweeted “Tweet” @BTS_twt @bts_bighit They followed the fans to the fans.

In April 2020, a fan asked him if he was a BTS fan. “M shocked the App BTS star card hen (I’m surprised to see you follow BTS). Can you please tell me which is your favorite BTS song, “the fan asked the singer on Twitter. they are great.Although I don’t understand their lyrics, I’m a fan of their live concerts). “

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Other celebrities who are big fans of BTS are Ayushmann Khurrana and Disha Patani.


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