BTS’s RM and Jin make a pact, Suga is sure Permission To Dance will dominate the Billboard Hot 100, see

BTS’s RM and Jin make a pact, Suga is sure Permission To Dance will dominate the Billboard Hot 100, see

After the release of the track Permission To Dance, BTS had more fun for the fans. On Sunday, members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook removed the Butter disc from the ship. The Bangtan boys released a CD version of the Butter track on July 9th. The CD also features Permission To Dance, co-written by Ed Sheeran.

In a video shared on Youtube, members were split into two groups. Suga, J-Hope and V were in one group, and Jimin, Jin and RM in the other. Each group was given a version of the CD album and had to remove the container. In the unboxing, members showed that the box contains a large number of photos, cards and stickers that fans can use to decorate the box. There was a lyrical book, along with photos of the band members.

They laughed and joked in many photos. They also remembered the photo shoot on the beach, and how the sun shone so brightly that they could barely keep their eyes open. We learned the details of the fun information – he’s terrified of cutting his hair like J-Hope, while RM is worried about having long hair.

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While reviewing the content, J-Hope said the photo sessions for the Butter Concept were held in March. Suga remembered the cold weather and mentioned how Jimin referred to it as “freezing to death”.

RM and Jin also promised to organize a V-Live together. Suga predicted that Permission To Dance would replace the butter on the Billboard Hot 100 and also have the same place for five weeks. The butter has been dominating for over six weeks.

BTS’s film Permission To Dance went through 100 million views over two days, which is the 35th full-length video for the BTS band to achieve this feat, following previous hits such as Blood, Sweat & Tears, Dynamite, Butter and others.


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