Celebrities defend Pearl V Puri against rape allegations: Ekta Kapoor says she has voice notes to prove Innocence

Celebrities defend Pearl V Puri against rape allegations: Ekta Kapoor says she has voice notes to prove Innocence

Pearl V Puri with Anita Hassanandani and Ekta Kapoor

Actress Pearl V Puri, known for TV shows like “Naagin 3” and “Bepanah Pyaar,” was arrested on Friday night by a 5-year-old girl and her family filed a lawsuit against her on charges of raping and raping her for about two years. ago. Actor Mira-Bhayander Vasai-Virar was given a yellow card by the police, accusing him of IPC Sec crimes. 376 AB and POCSO Act, 4, 8, 12,19, 21 for rape of a minor girl. The Vasai court has sent him to judicial custody, the ANI news agency reported.

Puri has garnered a great deal of support from the industry, which has led to social media advocating for the actor. Notable faces from the TV industry, including Ekta Kapoor, Anita Hassanandani, Krystle D’Souza, Aamir Ali and Aly Goni, have shared publications for Pearl V Puri. While Anita dismissed reports calling them nonsense and lies, she shared a photo of actress Aly in her Instagram stories.

“I woke up to some nonsensical news @pearlvpuri I know! It’s NOT true … IT CAN’T be true … all lies. I’m sure there is more. And the truth will come out soon. I love you @pearlvpuri,” Anita Hassanandani posted on Instagram shared in a hashtag #ISTANDWITHPEARL using the hashtag.

Ekta Kapoor, meanwhile, posted a lengthy note on Instagram saying she has voice notes and messages from the alleged victim’s mother, saying the allegations of rape and explosion are stories created by her husband to keep their children, that the mother can’t work to take care of the child. He added that the film industry is as safe or unsafe as any other business.

He wrote: “Am I going to accept a child molester … or a molester of any kind? But what I saw from last night until today was the utter low of human beings. How can humanity go to this level? How serious people are with each other, third drag people into their struggle? ”

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“How can a man take another human and do that?”

“After several calls with the child’s mother, she made it clear that Pearl was not involved and that her husband was trying to create a story to keep her baby and that she is a working mother who can’t take care of her child.” .

If that’s true he claims to be “so bad on so many levels”.

“Using a very important movement like ‘me too’ to find your agenda and mentally torture a child and make an innocent guilty. I have no right to decide, the courts will decide who is right and wrong.” he said.

“My opinion comes from what the girl’s mother told me last night and this is – Pearl is innocent … and it’s very, very sad if people use different tactics to prove that mothers can’t take care of their children, there are predators in the set,” he continued. Ektak.

According to her, “she has all the voice notes and messages between the child’s mother and me, which clearly shows the false accusations made against Pearl.”

“The film industry is as safe or unsafe as any other business. Putting a bad name on ordering your agenda is the lowest ever. Coincidentally, if Pearl is innocent, I urge people to look deeper. The current and important moves in the current situation are being misused. reducing seriousness. May justice prevail! #MayJusticePrevail @pearlvpuri “, he concluded.

Here’s how other celebrities helped the actor:


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