CESL to promote electric mobility in Ladakh

CESL to promote electric mobility in Ladakh

Convergence Energy Services Ltd (CESL), the state agency for the promotion of green mobility, has signed an agreement with the Ladakh administration to convert the territory of the union into carbon neutral. According to the treaty, the CESL is said to be helping the Ladakh administration to develop electric mobility solutions.

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Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement signed by both parties, the CESL and Ladakh administration have announced that they will adopt mini-solar and micro-grid solutions, high energy efficiency lighting, energy storage-based solutions and electric mobility solutions in the Union territory.

Both parties will begin work on a pilot project in the Zanskar Valley area.

Many environmentalists as well as local administrations have continued to be a major concern of air pollution in Ladakh. The region has seen tremendous growth every year in recent years. This has led to an increase in vehicle activity in the region, resulting in increased air pollution. This also affects the local environment and the Ecosystem.

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The introduction of electric mobility in the region is expected to help reduce the level of air pollution. However, details of the project have not yet been reported by the parties.

CESL, a subsidiary owned by EESL, is expected to build an electric vehicle ecosystem for the region. This will not only include the introduction of electric vehicles, but also the construction of EV charging infrastructure. Electric vehicles These charging infrastructures will be powered by renewable energy sources. According to a PTI report, electric vehicles are currently being tested there for high-altitude operations.

The CESL has also recently signed agreements with the governments of Goa and Kerala. Under the agreements, the two states will acquire more than 30,000 wheels and three electric wheels. Also, Ev charging infrastructure will be developed in these two southern states. TVS, JBM are also part of this project.


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