Clock: From Master Blaster to Master Chef.  Guess What Sachin Tendulkar Cooking?  |  Cricket News

Clock: From Master Blaster to Master Chef. Guess What Sachin Tendulkar Cooking? | Cricket News

After conquering the cricket field, the legendary Indian bat Sachin Tendulkar has set himself a new challenge. Tendulkar is mastering the art of cooking and depending on how things look, it’s pretty good. On Friday he threw off his Master Blaster chef’s hat to prepare a meal for his friends. However, Tendulkar did not reveal the name of his dish. The 48-year-old shared the video on Instagram. In the clip, Tendulkar shows off his culinary skills, putting his famous bracelet work at stake here as well.

The video opens to the Master in the kitchen, taking a Potshot of himself.

“It’s a surprise for everyone, no one knows what I’m preparing for and neither do I, so don’t worry,” says Kilker’s Legends.

“Now the drummer is ready, so the bowlers have to save their lives, so they’ll get to the woods. I’ve mastered this art, and I’ve figured out what to do. It takes a while but we’re there,” he adds.

Even though Tendulkar didn’t know what he was preparing, he was happy with the end result.

“Say, hello to your cook today. Guess what, she’s cooking?” the title has been read.

Later, Tendulkar published a short version of his time inside the kitchen and wrote, “Yummy, get in your stomach soon.”

Fans were delighted with the notes that flooded their comments section with their favorite cricket.

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In response to the message, a follower handed a hat to chef Tendulkar.

“You’re a great Paaji … Aapki taarif me words khatam ho jaate hai … Goodbye you, läji,” the user said.

Another asked about the man behind the Tendulkarri lens.

“Who’s recording the video, sir?” asked a user.


Some followers even called him a master chef, while others expressed gratitude in the comments section for his red heart and smiling face with emoji eyes.

After retiring from Cricket in 2013, Tendulkar has enjoyed the pleasures of everyday life. It is often seen on holiday with friends and relatives.

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