Comedian Bharti Singh reveals unknown aspects of his life in a heartfelt interview with Maniesh Paul

Comedian Bharti Singh reveals unfamiliar aspects of his life in a heartfelt conversation with Maniesh Paul; SEE

Maniesh Paul took to Instagram on Tuesday and shared a poignant video clip about comedian Bharti Singh. It can be seen that Bharti is talking to him wholeheartedly. “I always like to walk in the rain … no one sees me crying – Charlie Chaplin. The people who make you laugh are so deep … they hide their wounds and that’s like @ bharti.laughterqueen, the queen of laughter. , ”Maniesh wrote on Instagram.

In the video, he is seen talking to Bharti Maniesh in a rather humorous manner, revealing unknown aspects of his life.

He said, “In my life, I only have my mother. I don’t have a father. When I was only two years old, she died. I didn’t even see it. I don’t even have a picture. My father’s house. I don’t allow anyone to put it in. My sisters and my brothers have seen my father’s love, but I have not. But I did not receive love from my brother in my house either. They were all busy with work. But now the love I have gained from my husband has made me realize how a man cares for a woman. “

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Bharti Harsh is married to screenwriter and television producer Limbachiya.

The interview was part of a series of podcasts that Maniesh interviews famous podcasts. His Instagram message was a conversation with Bharti.

“To find out his story, watch my podcast with him this Friday … subscribe to my YouTube channel (in the two link) #mp #themanieshpaulpodcast #newepisode #truestory #real #struggle #life #godiskind,” Maniesh wrote on Instagram.

Here are some of Maniesh’s podcasts that his fans absolutely loved.

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