Courteney Cox puts his daughter Coco in a hot seat, asks her if she prefers young Joey or young Chandler?

Courteney Cox’s Daughter’s Coco answers the question while playing a hilarious “Who Knows Who Best” game (Pic Credit: Instagram / courteneycoxofficial)

‘Mothers know it well!’ and it proved to be true when Courteney Cox Friends actor Coco Arquette played 17-year-old daughter in the play “Who Knows Who Best.”

Courteney played the role of Monica Geller in the show in a new video shared on Instagram, where Coco and her daughter play a fun game of curiosity. The mother-daughter couple ask each other funny questions about themselves.

Courteney Cox puts Coco in a hot seat and asks her a bonus question: “Would you rather have an appointment with young Joey or young Chandler?” Referring to fictional characters played by Matt LeBlance and Matthew Perry.

When Courteney Cox guessed that his daughter would surely choose the wonderful and loving Joey, Coco replied, “Right” with a gesture. On the other hand, the actor paired up with Chandler when their friendship took on a romance after season 4 of Ross Geller’s wedding.

Courteney and Coco continue to play with one of their favorite crispy snacks, dealing with a variety of topics to leave out meals and pets. Coco reveals that her “crispy” snack is Fritos and guesses right away her mother’s favorite, which is steak and broccoli.

When he came to court to guess his daughters ’favorite, he said, I’ll tell you … well, you eat pasta every day, but I’ll tell you sushi, to which Coco replied“ Correct ”.

In the video, the women also discuss each other’s favorite traits and Courteney Cox concludes that his daughter’s Coco knows more than her daughter knows about her mother. Coco replied ridiculously, “That’s not true!”

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