Daughter of Tovna Ahuja Govinda is grateful for the past year

Daughter of Tovna Ahuja Govinda is grateful for the past year

Tina Ahuja Govinda’s daughter thanks last year, read (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Tina Ahuja, the daughter of Bollywood actress Govinda, said her heart is full of gratitude for the past year.

Tina, who had a birthday last week, revealed that she traveled to Punjab for me and celebrated with her family around midnight in a video call.

Speaking about her birthday celebration on July 16, Tina Ahuja shared: “I like to celebrate my birthday, but this time we had to keep a small affair due to health guidelines. I made one. My heart is full of gratitude last year. I had a little celebration with the family when I returned home. I hope to bring peace and joy to everyone next year. I have decided to be happier this year. “

Tina Ahuja is ready to release the music video for “Lakk shake”. Sung by Shibani Kashyap and Veen Ranjha, the song is a mix between Hindi and Punjabi. Shot in Chandigarh, the video shows Anvarul Hasan Annu with Tina.

Speaking about the song, Tina said: “The best thing that has happened is the release of the song as soon as the birthday is over, it’s a gift I made to myself. Listening to the song makes you want to see the pre-Pandemic party again. “

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“Lakk shake” will premiere at Eros Now Music on July 19th.

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