Delhi HC refuses release of Sushant Singh Rajput-based Nyay The Justice

Delhi HC refuses release of Sushant Singh Rajput-based Nyay The Justice

Because the Supreme Court on Thursday rejected the premiere of ‘Nyay: The Justice’ based on the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Judge Sanjeev Narula dismissed Sushant’s father, presented by KK Singh, as requesting a stay in several films that were being made in the life of the former actor.

The film’s upcoming or proposed film projects include ‘Nyay: The Justice’, ‘Suicide or Murder: A star was lost’, ‘Shashank’ and a film funded by unnamed people.

According to the lawsuit, filed by defenders Akshay Dev, Varun Singh, Abhijeet Pandey and Samruddhi Bendbhar, ‘Nyay’ is scheduled to be released in June. Shashank ‘.

“The defendants (filmmakers), taking advantage of this situation, have tried to gather this opportunity for other reasons. Thus, the plaintiff (Singh) has confirmed that actors, films, web series, books, interviews or other materials can be published, and those that would damage the reputation of his family, ”the lawsuit claiming compensation claimed. More than 2 million euros from the filmmakers to Rajput’s family for “loss of fame, head trauma and harassment”.

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He also claimed that “if the publication or broadcast of similar films, web series, books or any other similar content is allowed, it would affect the right of the victim and the deceased to a free and fair trial. Cause prejudice.”

The lawsuit alleges that being a well-known Sushant Celebrity, “the misuse of his name / image / caricature / style in giving interviews means that he is violating the complainant’s right to identity, in addition to being acts of passage.” .

“The said right would be in the hands of the plaintiff as the only legal heir of Sushant Singh Rajput after the death of his son,” he advanced.

Singh, in his application, sought the court’s instructions to use the “filmmaker / caricature / lifestyle or similarity or similarity of his son in the next project / film in any way” of his son and the other filmmakers mentioned in the lawsuit.


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