Delhi is easing Lockdown restrictions from today.  What it means for your mobility

Delhi is easing Lockdown restrictions from today. What it means for your mobility

Delhi, now like other parts of the country, has had to fight a very challenging – and unprecedented – battle over the past two months when the second wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic became an Omnipresent Threat. Although positive cases have been steadily falling over the past week, the Pandemic remains a Threat as Delhi gradually begins to shrink, and be very careful when the restrictions that came into effect in mid-April began to open. As of this week, blockade restrictions have been further eased, which means more opportunities to move from one point to another, if absolutely necessary.

Most significantly, the Delhi Metro will operate again on its route, but only with a capacity of 50%. The residence of the city’s public transport network, Delhi Metro services were suspended until now.

Other public transportation, such as public buses, cars, electric shuttles, and radio booths will continue to operate in recent weeks.

Private vehicles (cars and two-wheelers) continue to be restricted for purposes not stated in the previously blocked ad. Emergency services, Frontline staff, Covid insertion, airport / train station / ISBT arrival or arrival (upon presentation of a valid ticket) can be moved in a private vehicle, among others. It is important to mention here that private vehicles will continue to be checked and would be allowed to proceed if a valid e-pass appears or if they are on the passenger exempt list.

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While odd-numbered stores and malls are open, including self-contained shops, it is difficult for private vehicles coming out to reach these places if they are allowed to go and where they are checked.

Therefore, it is essential to avoid unnecessary departures as much as possible and keep them indoors. In any case, if it is to be expelled, moving away from social protocols remains absolutely crucial.


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